web app development

A web application is an application which is accessed by a desktop, phone or tablet web browser unlike a desktop or mobile app which runs locally off of your device. From concept, to code, to testing to launch, we can get create and implement an effective, efficient secure solution for you.

The advantages are enormous.

  • There’s no software to install
  • Your employees and/or customers can access it from anywhere on any device on any platform or operating system
  • We can create custom views for managers, employees and/or customers
  • Because it’s not installed locally, you always have the latest version and updates & upgrades are installed seamlessly for all users.
  • Data back ups are done at the server level
  • Perfect for people working remotely
  • If the application is written correctly, a user can seamlessly input or retrieve data from their desktop/laptop or a tablet or a phone
  • Automated reports can be programmed to be emailed

We’ve created everything from simple timelog applications to complex call centre applications. Because the applications are written from scratch, they are completely customized for your business.

Contact us today to discuss how a web application can make your workforce more efficient or add more value to your customers.

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