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To do business today, not having a website is not an option. The very first thing most consumers or prospects do before they engage any company is look them up on-line. One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to do some due diligence on a company before you do business with them. A social media strategy, while also critical, is not enough. You need an integrated strategy that integrates a website and social media. 

Consider these questions;
  • When your customers or prospects go on-line and compare you and your competitors, what are they seeing?

  • Is the look of your website consistent with your business cards, letterhead, brochures and other marketing materials?
  • Is the message you’re conveying on your website consistent with what your customer service people and sales representative are saying?

These are some of the things we use as a basis for a cohesive strategy to develop a great corporate website that meets the needs of all the departments in your company and adds value for your clients.

Then we determine what the role of your website is. This may mean different things to different departments. Once we come up with several clear objectives, everything we do from that point forward gets held up to those objectives. This ensures that the website does what it was meant to do and doesn’t get bogged down with flashy bells and whistles that could dilute or distract from your message; unless, of course, the bells and whistles are part of the objectives.

As you can see, we feel that creating a website is more of an exercise in marketing than technical endeavour. While there are technical issues and we are skilled in implementing the complete gammut of web technologies, it’s always the marketing that drives the process.

As a standard practice with every website, we always create each page using best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and we install Google Analytics for the whole site. And we always make sure that your website will be fully functional and look great on all desktop browsers and well as all phone and tablet browsers.  

Whether you’re looking for a simple static website or a full blown web application with a sophisticated content management system so you can manage the the website yourself, Black Five Media can create a website and a corresponding Internet strategy that fits your sales, marketing and on-going Internet objectives.

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