search engine optimization

The term “search engine optimization” has received a lot of bad press in recent months because of all the fly by night companies offering to get you to the “top of Google searches”. The truth is, many of the practices used by these companies tries to “game” Google. They use fake link pages or set up fake blogs that mention your website and the list goes on and on.  Very recently Google announced that it would be taking a closer look at these practices and refining it’s algorithm to spot this type of linking. These practices can result in Google banning you from search all together.

We been studying and following best search engine optimization practices before Google even existed. We believe being successful in getting found is not about “hitting a home run” It’s more about hitting a whole bunch of singles.

  • Properly formatting page titles
  • Properly formatting META tags
  • Creating and properly formatting good content
  • Employing and managing proper linking practices
  • Using a blog
  • Engaging social media
  • Implementing and managing an effective Google AdWord campaign
  • Monitoring your website analytics and tweaking your site based on the resuts
  • On-going management and refinement of all the above

These are the things that will get you found in search engines.

When we design any website, we use best SEO practices in creating the webpages. This is included in every proposal. If you think your website was designed not using best SEO practices, please call us for a free assessment.

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