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Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting various industries, and many jobs are at risk of being automated or replaced by machines. Here are some jobs that are most in jeopardy because of AI: Data entry clerks – AI-powered systems can automate the tedious and repetitive task of data entry, reducing the need for human workers. Customer …

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From the YouTube video description…   In this video TOP 7 Technology Trends in 2023. What kind of future technology should we expect? Let’s talk about latest technology in 2023

From the YouTube video description… The prediction marks a significant revision of previous estimations of the so-called technological singularity, when machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence and accelerates at an incomprehensible rate. The billionaire engineer Elon Musk, who also helped found the artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI in 2015, has consistently warned of the existential threat …

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