Inside Microsoft’s Massive Headquarters

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Microsoft is one of the most influential and high-tech companies the world has ever seen. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to work there? Microsoft’s sprawling headquarters is no vanilla corporate office – instead, it’s more of a miniature city, with its own transit system, shopping mall, treehouses and even a grimy lake for dunking cocky senior executives. And that’s before we get into the secret underground tech labs where the very future of all our online lives is being developed. Or the hallway where high-fives are mandatory. So join us today as we don our trusty lanyard and delve deep inside the Microsoft headquarters. Covering an area of just over 500 acres in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, Washington, Microsoft Headquarters is quite rightly known as a campus. And just like a university or college campus, it comprises dozens of buildings – over a hundred all told – as well as sports fields, woodland trails and secluded courtyards for taking well-earned breaks.

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